Five Focus Areas
of Waypoint Careers


Individualized Discovery

  • Identification of transferrable skills 
  • Resume & cover letter development 
  • Career Planning 

Skill Development

  • Interview preparation 
  • Conflict resolution skill development 
  • Training on identifying emotions and under-standing emotional control 
  • Interpersonal skills such as communication, tone of voice, and social appropriateness 
  • Professionalism and coworker/supervisor relationships 

Business Partnerships

  • Networking with employers 
  • Assistance in developing connections 
  • Networking through Chambers of Commerce & other business to business professional groups 

Job Placement

  • Understanding of the position, how the position
    relates to other departments and team members 
  • Job application assistance 
  • Direct connection to employers which Waypoint has a developed relationship 
  • Navigating job search websites 

Job Retention Supports

  • Ongoing meetings for problem solving on the job site 
  • Employer communication