“The experiences I had and skills I learned while in the Army have molded who I am today.  I was given the challenge of problem solving and quitting was not an option, I learned to stay calm in any situation, and that I was not successful without my teammates. I bring these skills into the positions and roles I have today.” 

“After my tour overseas reacclimating had been a difficult journey. It was like waking from a dream into what appeared to be real but too far away to grasp.”

"Not only did I get a job in direct care I also got a job working a distribution warehouse for food rescues. I work a great deal of hours between the two but I could not be happier serving a purpose again. I feel like a soldier again, I feel human again."


“The initial part of the training consisted of a hands on approach toward identifying my skills and strengths, creating a resume, preparing for an interview, as well as additional information related to maximizing my job search activities. I found that this training was very effective and I was able to use what I had learned during my subsequent job search and interviews.


“Having relocated back to Haverhill from Alabama was a huge transition for me. Not only geographically wise but professionally as well. I had just left 4 years of working on Harley Davidson and here I was trying to get ready for my interview for something I had not done in years. Erica put me and ease and helped me prepare for my interview and helped me tremendously with my resume. It was her reassurance in me that I was able to nail my interview and get hired on with Veterans  Northeast Outreach Center. Now as a Case Manager I feel extremely confident in sending my clients who need assistance with interviews and or resumes to Erica and her team.” 

“I believe their attention to detail and selfless dedication, facilitated the employment opportunity that I recently been able to secure. Erica & Dan are a great team and I would recommend their service to others in need.” 

"I believe that the "one on one" training program that the Career Resources Corp. provides is a very effective tool in helping disabled veterans, or anyone else in need of training, to receive the individual support that will give them the skills necessary to obtain quality employment in a challenging job market. The program allows the individual to receive training and assistance that is tailored to his or her specific needs rather than a general type of instruction.”